Synology NAS issues

I write this in the hope it may help someone else cos this one has been driving me crazy for days. I only decided to perform an analysis to find out what was going wrong today.

For the last 3-4 days I could not connect to my Synology DS414j NAS via shared drives, pinging or the web interface. I did a lot of research and after a few hours of testing and rebooting I found the issue.

I found I had to physically unplug the NAS from power to shut it down. Pressing the button on the front or even holding it down would cause the blue light to flash, but not actually shut it down. I hate suddenly shutting it down but it was my last straw answer.

When the NAS came back up, it was working. “Hooray!” I thought.. incorrectly. After about 15 mins I could no longer connect to it and checking in my network’s router showed it was not networking, even though it was hardwired into the router.

Eventually I discovered under the Storage Pools section the storage volume was performing “Data Scrubbing“. This is something the NAS apparently does automatically if, for some reason, it thinks the storage pool may need checking for inconsistencies. I selected it and hit Cancel. This time the Synology has stayed up over 1.5 hours and counting.

Opinions online seem to suggest cancelling Data Scrubbing is perfectly fine. You can always start it again later, but I’m not so keen to as it had been going for days and had not completed 10% yet. I do realise the DS414j is a very old NAS and the CPU is severely underpowered (something I did not research before purchase) so that may be the reason it dedicates 100% of resources to Data Scrubbing and cannot even stay connected to the hardwired network.

A very strange occurrence but at least I found the issue and can now access my data successfully. I had other plans for today but they were put on the backburner until I solved this issue.

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