Fixing Windows 10 Store issues

Today I wanted to install the Fitbit desktop app. It is only available through the Windows Store. I loaded up the Store and searched for “Fitbit” then clicked on GET. Nothing happened. It just reloaded the same Store page.

To fix this issue, I went to Windows Update and updated to the new version. The Windows Update screen kept failing with errors 0x8000ffff and others. I Googled around and tried many fixes, but it seems all I needed to do was reboot the computer a few times. Then it updated Windows and rebooted itself a few times to apply the updates. I checked again and it said there were no more updates.

Next I started Services (click the Windows button in the task bar and type Services). I turned off the Windows Update service. Then I pressed the Windows button, typed ‘cmd’ and right-clicked the CMD app and selected Run As Administrator. Now I moved the old update out via:
move “c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution” “c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.old”

Following that, I went back into the Windows Store and it had the same issues. I clicked on my account icon in the Store app and Logged Out. Then, logged back in again. Now I could install the Fitbit app from the Windows Store, finally. I hope this troubleshooter helps others with the same issue.

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