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Subnautica VR

Amazing. Simply amazing! 

I spent several hours recently trying to find a survival-type game with crafting and exploration. Now, there’s tons of horror-survival type VR games with cannibals, zombies and monsters. However, I’m looking for something a bit closer to Minecraft… without actually being Minecraft.

My search ended up on Subnautica by Unknown Worlds. I already had this on my Steam Wishlist, so I read a few opinions on Reddit (I know.. bad idea.. usually!) and watched some videos and it seemed like exactly the kind of game I was searching for.

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A Beginner’s frustration with Elite:Dangerous

I recently started getting into Elite:Dangerous. TL;DR: Yes, it’s a great game but incredibly complex and confusing for beginners.

If you want to play E:D in VR my first recommendation is do not play in VR until you’ve had several days experience playing E:D on your monitor. You will spend a lot of time Googling and watching YouTube videos.  I’m in an Oculus Facebook group and people were talking about how E:D was on sale at 76% off the normal price. One person quipped “I will not buy this as the amount of time you have to spend watching YouTube vidoes goes into the hours and that’s not fun”. I thought he was just whinging, but it has a ring of truth to it.

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Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is a Space adventuring MMO which is also out for the Oculus Rift. I bought it during the Black Friday sale.

You start off with a basic Sidewinder ship and make money by doing trading runs, fighting, upgrading your ship and taking on other factions.

Elite was on the Commodore 64 and I played it once or twice but didn’t get into it.

Elite C=64

Elite C=64

This one, looks INCREDIBLE when you play it fully immersed in VR!

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Beat Saber

Beat Saber is my gym!

Wow! What can I say? This game is AMAZING!!

Beat Saber is my gym!

Beat Saber is my gym!

Beat Saber is a rhythm-based game.. kinda like Guitar Hero only you play by wielding light sabers and smash blocks flying at you down the screen.

I thought I’d be too unco for this one. They had it on another VR headset at Comic-con in Sydney when I visited earlier this year and I wasn’t game to try it, but after giving it a go I find it really enjoyable. It’s also an amazing workout! So if you’re looking to get fit, I think it’ll help a lot! Especially if you put it on HARD mode. EXTREME mode is waaayyy too much for me, but NORMAL is good and HARD is a bit challenging hehe. Now they have even added EXTREME+ I don’t think my heart could take that one, tho!

My 15yo daughter also likes this one a lot. She was the one who requested I buy it and it’s definitely worth whatever money they are charging at the moment. It’s made by a small dev team and is always being updated and upgraded they say.

Make sure you create an account at BSaber and Favourite the songs you like, then install Sync Saber. Once you launch Beat Saber, then exit then launch again it can start syncing down your Favourited songs.

The instructions on the website seem to be for Steam only installs (I usually install from Steam but this time used Oculus Store, sadly).  Here’s where I put my dll I downloaded:



It did not create an ini file where the BSaver site’s instructions say. I found them in another folder:



It did seem to already sync down a list of the songs I selected, plus hundreds (?) of others. Although it only synced the names for me to choose and click DOWNLOAD in-game. It didn’t download songs I don’t want. SyncSaber should automatically download songs by your favourite map-makers and update ones you have when they put out better maps if you enable these features. I did see at the bottom of the gaming screen a notice about SyncSaber syncing when I start the game so it must be working.

I have just finished playing about 6 games with different songs and now I think I need a lie down… 😉

A Township Tale for Oculus Rift

A fun little MMO for Oculus Rift is A Township Tale. It’s still being developed, but you can log on and check it out.

I had a quick try last night. I customised my avatar and headed out. I came across an abandoned hut and looked around, knocked over a cooking pot and set myself on fire! 😀 haha! Well, it didn’t seem to hurt my character. I don’t see any HP stats anyway.

I found out I can pick up some items and pop them into glowing orbs on my belt which is sort of an inventory. I also found a rusty sledgehammer thingy and tried to put it into my inventory, but found it clips onto my belt on the right and hangs there. Very handy!

I came across a dodo-chicken thing and tried hitting it. I didn’t think that worked, but it soon started attacking me so I tried to fight back to no avail.. DEAD! I respawned and went back to pick up my stuff and died again 😀 haha! So I quickly went back, grabbed my stuff and headed off.

I found a broken-down structure which looked like a partly-built hut with a couple of rusty sledgehammers on the ground (mentioned above). I went after the dodo with this and this time whacked HIM dead! Revenge is sweet! I picked up the dodo leg parts and stowed them away. Can I cook and eat them? I have no idea but will find out sometime.

It was about 9:30pm Australia time and nobody on that server. It’s nice they have an Australian server, but I guess most people are online during US daytime.