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Elite:Dangerous follow up

I’ve had some time to get used to it now and finding things somewhat better. I ended up buying a HOTAS, but not the one in my previous post. I got the Logitech X52:

Logitech X52 HOTAS

It’s an awesome HOTAS. I watched lots of YouTube videos and read reviews and this one was highly recommended.

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A Beginner’s frustration with Elite:Dangerous

I recently started getting into Elite:Dangerous. TL;DR: Yes, it’s a great game but incredibly complex and confusing for beginners.

If you want to play E:D in VR my first recommendation is do not play in VR until you’ve had several days experience playing E:D on your monitor. You will spend a lot of time Googling and watching YouTube videos.  I’m in an Oculus Facebook group and people were talking about how E:D was on sale at 76% off the normal price. One person quipped “I will not buy this as the amount of time you have to spend watching YouTube vidoes goes into the hours and that’s not fun”. I thought he was just whinging, but it has a ring of truth to it.

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