Better luck with Puppet

After my previous issues, I decided to download and install Fedora 20 for my Puppet server VM. A friend had mentioned he prefers Linux distros with a v3 kernel. I installed it and downloaded Puppet Enterprise 3.2.2 for RHEL. I found out, however, that even though there’s mention of supported packages for Fedora, you can’t use the tarball because they say Fedora changes too often to be stable. If you run the installer it says “Unsupported Platform”. Oh well.

So, I downloaded and installed Ubuntu server. My friend also recommends this.

This time when I installed Puppet Enterprise from the tarball it all went well. It asked the question about installing the Cloud Provisioner and even appears to have installed that:

waulok@ubuntu:~/downloads/puppet-enterprise-3.2.2-ubuntu-12.04-amd64$ puppet help node_aws
USAGE: puppet node_aws <action>
This subcommand provides a command line interface to work with Amazon EC2
machine instances.  The goal of these actions is to easily create new
machines, install Puppet onto them, and tear them down when they're no longer
  --render-as FORMAT             - The rendering format to use.
  --verbose                      - Whether to log verbosely.
  --debug                        - Whether to log debug information.
  bootstrap        Create and initialize an EC2 instance using Puppet.
  create           Create a new EC2 machine instance.
  fingerprint      Make a best effort to securely obtain the SSH host key
  list             List AWS EC2 machine instances.
  list_keynames    List available AWS EC2 key names.
  terminate        Terminate an EC2 machine instance.
See 'puppet man node_aws' or 'man puppet-node_aws' for full help.

Sweet! Okay, so now it appears we may be well on the way. I installed this as a Puppet Master installation and once I get my friend’s old laptop to install Ubuntu onto I will set it up as just an Agent Node.

I was going to use a free AWS EC2 server as the node, but then I’d need a resolvable address (DynDNS perhaps) and open ports into the home network.  I think it’d just be much easier to use another computer on the local network.  This is not to say I’d never use the Cloud Provisioner to test provisioning a free AWS EC2 server at a later date.

All in all, I’d recommend installing Puppet Enterprise using the tarball and NOT the recommended packages as you get to install the Cloud Provisioner.

If you also wish to go with Ubuntu, I’d recommend the 12.04.4 server version. They have later versions but they’re not really supported with Puppet. Do yourself a favour and download it using Bittorrent from the Alternative Downloads page.

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