Pretend you’re Neo in the Matrix while you fight the red guys trying to kill you! Pick up any weapon: guns, knives, anything lying around on the floor or on tables, etc. Slice bullets with a sword!

SuperHot is a favourite of a lot of players. Basically, you have these red guys coming at you.. but they only move when you do. So if you stand still, everything is stopped. When you move they come at you! You can duck behind tables for protection, reach up and grab a gun off the table, shoot a couple of guys, grab a sword and slice their slow-moving bullets in half and throw the sword at them! Tons of fun. Kids love it!

Sprint Vector

If you really want to get some good exercise in VR you can’t go past Sprint Vector! A full-on workout while you have friend racing against other players. Run, jump, fly, double-jump, climb.. it has it all!

Sprint Vector starts with tutorials explaining how to run. You need to sweep your arms down and pull yourself along. You can use buttons to grab walls and climb up. When jumping, put your arms out to fly along through hoops and other obstacles. Jump over ravines and hurdles. Grab onto edges to pull you along or up over obstacles. You use your whole body to play this one! Whew! I need a beer and some Netflix after this!

Lucky’s Tale

If you like playing Crash Bandicoot and want something similar for the Oculus Rift, give Lucky’s Tale a spin! Lots of jumping around, breaking boxes and collecting stars. It really feels like a Crash game!

It’s a very cutesy-style game with a story and tons of fun! The only drawback I’d say is you can only play via the Oculus Touch controllers which are not the best for a platformer type game like this. I’d prefer if they supported a gamepad at least. However, this is a minor issue and does not detract from the fact this game is madly fun to play!

XYZ Calibration cube

I’ve recently purchased a Creality Ender 3 3D Printer and have run a few tests with the XYZ Calibration cube. For some reason, it appears I need to set the nozzle at 240C and the bed at 70C to even get a semi-decent XYZ cube. Not sure if the printer is faulty as some people have suggested or something else is going on. I tried also printing using a profile file someone had uploaded and posted on Reddit but it didn’t help. I’ve made a video of the printer doing the XYZ cube below:

Catan VR

I’ll just put the name of the game in the title from now on. They’ll ALL be for Oculus Rift since I gave away my Gear VR to a good friend 🙂

Catan VR is a great version of the Settlers of Catan boardgame. I’ve never played it as a boardgame so this was all new to me. I first watched the tutorial and played a game.

The in-game depth to the board and pieces on it are delightful and the surrounding room and ambiance is a treat!

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