The Crypt radio – 08-02-2023

Voices of doomMono Inc
Cemetery windMechanical Vein
CrematoriumExo Kult
FictionKrystal System
The EndImplant
Here I amMari Chrome
This shit will fuck you upCombichrist
Content machineBrutalist architecture in the sun
Not my styleKaroshi
Battle cryAyria
Fan Fan FanatischeDie Robo Sapiens
After the breakupEssence of mind
Dreams of dyingTycho Brahe
Life is unfairJunksista
SamsaraSoul Extract
Solar FlareStudio-X
TBCSimona Castrum
FrostRad Warrior
Lose your fearsSuicidal Romance
Dead InsideZombie Girl
Hand it overRazorfade
Blood runs coldAesthetic Perfection

The Crypt radio – 01-02-2023

Dirt FactoryCrash landing
Maroco & Mach FoXNew beginning
Rabbit JunkLove is hell
Anne ClarkOur darkness
CelldwellerBlind lead the blind
Exo KultBreath
Front line assemblyHydrogen
OrrphoizElectric Crack
Warp music communityLe reptile et moi
Matt HartAbsolute Zero
Brioni FaithSkyscrapers
HasswutNicht fur mich
MeshKill your darlings
ADkeYAlles was ich will
L-Ame ImmortelleEs tut mir Leid
Psy’AviahAlcubierre Drive
Tycho BraheMake me / Feel free
Restricted AreaVoyager
The DisorderChaman
Hostile ArchitectPower overwhelming

The Crypt radio – 25-01-2023

Helalyn FlowersVideo dope
Krystal SystemThe next light
AyriaUnderneath the water
Avarice in AudioLolita Express
Halo in reverseKing O
Rave the ReqviemOfelia
Ashbury HeightsTomorrow is dead already
Sydney ValetteWar child
NeurowulfBlack hole gaze
Covenant20 Hz
Aesthetic PerfectionSave myself
Dirt FactoryWars stars space
Icon of CoilRemove/Replace
Plastic noise experienceElectronic body
Tycho BraheMilitary option
Solitary ExperimentsCrash and burn
MinusheartIn my roots
Zombie GirlRave of the dead
Essence of mindNo place to hide
Adelheid AderlassHexen
Beborn Beton24/7 Mystery
Anders MangaWelcome to darkness

The Crypt radio – 18-01-2023

This week’s playlist:

Riotlegion – God(b)less

Vault113 – The prophecy

Llumen (official) – The path that leads me home

Fezter – Age of the machine

Covenant (OFFICIAL) – Pulse

genCAB – Cake

Studio-X – Cybergoth

ShadowBox – Amor

GINGER SNAP5 – Waiting for (Pride and fall mix)

DK-Zero – Replicate

Fox Nova Project – Sound off (Prey mix)

deadfilmstar – Goodbye to the world & the whole damn thing

Psychicold – Burn in hell

Nebula-H – Twilight zone (feat Dirk Ivens)

Massive Ego – World in the gutter

Rotersand – You know nothing

SD-KRTR – Starlight

The Psychic Force – Underpass

Biohacker – The gentle act of suffocation

Gusano – Sangre eternal

Device Noize – KernKraft 400

Front Line Assembly (Official Fan Page) – Neologic spasm (Dislocated by Die Krupps)

Avarice In Audio – I Pray (Official Assemblage 23)

Jerm – Brain candy

The Crypt – 11-01-2023

This week’s show playlist:

Vargil – We are love machine

ZCluster – The rapture

MATT HART – Terraform (Blue ant remix)

XMH – House of energy

Mach FoX & Zeven Odd Gods – A sickness

Baltes&Zäyn – Apocalyptech

Stromkern – Terrorist

Lovelorn Dolls – Lament

HER OWN WORLD – Happiness Imperative

Pure Obsessions & Red Nights – A lovely day (Combichrist remix)

In Strict Confidence – Kiss your shadow

UCNX – Sleep when you’re dead

Neuroactive – In rust we trust

Schwarzblut – Zur holle

Ponyloaf the band – Aargh’s townhouse

The Gothsicles – Howler monkey

Empathy Test – Monsters

Razorfade – Chemical distraction

The Grey – Pale and grey

00tz 00tz – When all hope is lost

Junksista – Problems (feat. Lis van den Akker from Die Krupps

Essence Of Mind – Wrong

Komor Kommando – Love your neighbors (KMFDM mix)

KMFDM – Godlike

Louis Guidone Musician and Photographer – World outside

You can listen to the show here: