The Crypt Radio show 22-03-2023

This week’s playlist:
The Evil Dark (EVVL DVRK1) – Dead world
Neuroticfish – Velocity (Solar Experiments remix)
GRENDEL – Hate this (X-Fusion remix)
Solar Fake – I despise you
ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse – One missed call (Empirion remix)
[aesthetische] – We follow blindly (feat Mari Kattman)
Goo Munday – Anti-life
Vargil – Scare city
The Crystalline Effect – Blue sea (Dave Forman remix)
Amelia Arsenic – Live slow Die old
Studio-X vs Simon Carter – Solar Flare (feat. Bridgette)
AND ONE – Timekiller (Project Pitchfork remix)
MONO INC. – Children of the dark
Night Club – Schizophrenic
Diffuzion – Still believe (Aesthetische cold mix)
Psy’Aviah – OK (M.I.K.E mix)
NeuroWulf – Submerge
Termınal – Crackdown
Karoshi – Monster
Ponyloaf the band – Lost heartache
AD:keY offical – You can’t fuck me
Boy Harsher – Machina (feat Ms Boan – Mariana Saldana)
Tycho Brahe – It’s not enough (The Garland cult remix)
Sirus – Neuroleptic (Final mix)
Warp Music Community – Humans
Mechanical Vein – Feel your noise

The Crypt radio show – 15-03-2023

This week’s playlist:
Simon Sebastian – Antigravity
felix marc – Hysteria
Komor Kommando – Music is my religion
Neikka RPM – Tease me disease me
Circuito cerrado – What’s your emergency?
Sobriquet – Not everything I believe is true
Mildreda – Bright side
Mari Chrome – Here I am
Dirt Factory – Crash landing
UCNX – Sleep when you’re dead
Halo In Reverse – The windy city
Lovelorn Dolls – After dark
Studio-X – Lonely
Gusano – Sangre eternal
Kant Kino – Owner of this house lives here
Zheani Sparkes – Napalm
ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse – I detach
The Psychic Force – Die in the clinic
InfraVision – Anne Clark – Our darkness
Angelspit – Stand in line
The True UnioN – Purousthai
VNV Nation – Fearless
Prozium – Lay my vengeance
[aesthetische] – Back to life
GINGER SNAP5 – Waiting for
MATT HART – To the core

The Crypt Radio show – 08-03-2023

This week in honour of International Women’s Day we have the following playlist:
Night Club – Gossip
Amelia Arsenic – RX Love
Junksista – Life is unfair
Brioni Faith – Human
Patenbrigade: Wolff – Follow me
Rave The Reqviem – Ofelia
Sobriquet – xls
Cosmic Armchair – Conversation
Miranda Cartel – Amethyst
Eva X – Your kind
Helalyn Flowers – Kamikaze angel
Super Massive – We’re taking over
Neonsol – Manipulation
Sin.Sin – Moving sands
Unter Null – godless
The Crystalline Effect – As long as you need
Nyxx – Voodoo (with Aesthetic Perfection)
I:Scintilla – Melt
Ayria – Blue Alice
HER OWN WORLD – Happiness Imperative
Lovelorn Dolls – The thrill
Suicidal Romance – Touch
Mari Chrome – Toxic
Krystal System – Official – Elektrostal
Night Club – Scary World

The Crypt radio 01-02-2023

This week’s playlist:
MATT HART – To the core (Aesthetic Perfection remix)
KMFDM – Godlike
Zheani Sparkes – You saw
Empirion – ADSR
Red Lokust – Madman (Ashbury Heights remix)
Tycho Brahe – Seventeen
Helalyn Flowers – Halos
The Sisters Of Mercy – Black planet
Nyxx – Nightmare
Ashbury Heights – SmAlLeR
DAMIEN – Nowhere
Front Line Assembly (Official Fan Page) – Rock me, Amadeus (feat Jimmy Urine)
Solitary Experiments – Crash & Burn (Ashbury Heights mix)
Junksista – Monday
L’Âme Immortelle – Es tut mir Leid
MONO INC. – Louder than hell
Rabbit Junk – The Grind
Rotersand – You know nothing
zeromancer – Clone your lover
Rave The Reqviem – God, demon, machine
Goo Munday – Game
Karoshi – Enough
Pure Obsessions & Red Nights – A lovely day (Combichrist remix)
Covenant (OFFICIAL) – Dead stars
Blaqk Audio – Hiss

HERO for VZ200

H.E.R.O. for VZ200

At the end of last year I decided to write a port of the Commodore 64 game H.E.R.O. for the Dick Smith VZ200 and VZ300 computers.

I wrote it using the Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer software. This makes it much easier to design games since it has built-in sprite and code designing all in the one package.

H.E.R.O title screen

You fly your backpack helicopter around the various caves and try to rescue the trapped miners. You will need to use dynamite to blow up walls blocking your progress and shoot critters with your laser gun.

In-game screenshot

It was quite fun to make and I’m glad it’s completed so others can enjoy the game.

There’s a link on the Blue Bilby website to the page for the game.