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Lucky’s Tale

If you like playing Crash Bandicoot and want something similar for the Oculus Rift, give Lucky’s Tale a spin! Lots of jumping around, breaking boxes and collecting stars. It really feels like a Crash game!

It’s a very cutesy-style game with a story and tons of fun! The only drawback I’d say is you can only play via the Oculus Touch controllers which are not the best for a platformer type game like this. I’d prefer if they supported a gamepad at least. However, this is a minor issue and does not detract from the fact this game is madly fun to play!

Catan VR

I’ll just put the name of the game in the title from now on. They’ll ALL be for Oculus Rift since I gave away my Gear VR to a good friend 🙂

Catan VR is a great version of the Settlers of Catan boardgame. I’ve never played it as a boardgame so this was all new to me. I first watched the tutorial and played a game.

The in-game depth to the board and pieces on it are delightful and the surrounding room and ambiance is a treat!

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I tried playing this crazy game. Windlands is kinda Spiderman-like. Instead of shooting out webs to swing on you have hooks which shoot out from your fists and grab onto trees, buildings, platforms, etc.

The video above is for the Windlands 2 version, but it’s similar. I could not find Windlands 2 in the SteamVR store so bought the first one. There was nobody else online, but I believe it’s a multiplayer game. Perhaps they all went to 2 or maybe I’m still learning.

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If you are a big fan of The Sims style games, you wanna try out Skytropolis for VR!

At the time of writing this post I have only played this for an hour once but I really enjoyed it. You start by building the elevator to add on levels and then pathways, units, pathways, parks, tennis courts, offices, fast food joints, etc. People move in.

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Sparc is a very fun game.

It’s kinda like Squash and Air Hockey, but not. You have a ball you throw down a hallway and try to get it into your opponent’s goal area while they try to do the same with you. If you are holding your own ball, it powers a shield attached to your glove and you can use this to rebound the opponent’s ball.

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