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Guild Wars 2

I’ve been looking for a new MMO to play and decided to check out Guild Wars 2. I had no idea it’s Free To Play (to an extent) and so I was pleasantly surprised to learn this. I always thought you pay for the core game and then you can play. Nice.

I created a character and named him Mochau. I wanted to use the word ‘mocha’ in the name since it’s my favourite coffee type haha. I was going for “Mochai” but it was taken. I decided “Mochau” is pronounced “Mo’ cow”! We need more cowbell haha. He’s a Norn Guardian.

Mochau – level 10!
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I decided to try out a new game. This one is Boundless. It’s kinda like Minecraft only more sophisticated. It’s made by Wonderstruck Games.

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Ladies of Comics Poker Pinball bio page

A short time ago I recorded some dialogue for Player 3 Productions. They have a pinball game coming out soon called “Ladies of Comics Poker Pinball”.  They’ve done a couple of cast bio’s for their game and I am currently featured on the Meet The Cast bio page with a short interview.

Have a look at the “Ladies of Comics Poker Pinball” Meet the Cast bio page.

Video Game Mystery Villain

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to record the voice for a Mystery Villain in an upcoming video game.  I had applied to be villain #1 but they said my recording was perfect for the second villain in the game.  With the permission of the producers, below are some lines from the game. They do not give away who the mystery villain is. You will have to play the game to find out! Once it’s released I’ll update this post with information as to what the game is and where to get it.