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Vintage Story : A Minecraft-like game

I was looking through posts on Reddit the other day and came across a suggestion of a game called Vintage Story.

It’s kind of like Minecraft, but not. It is being developed by some programmers who were developing a Minecraft mod called VintageCraft. They also integrated a lot of ideas from TerraFirmaCraft. TFC was a mod of Minecraft which aimed to make things more realistic — ie. no punching trees. You have to collect sticks. To make weapons in the early game you need to pick up flint rocks and ‘knap’ the shape into an axe-head, knife-blade, etc then craft them together to make the weapons / tools. It’s quite cool.

Vintage Story
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Satisfactory – second impressions

OK so I decided to bite the bullet and try more Satisfactory. My friend suggested restarting with a new server build, so this time I picked the desert-style area. There was an Iron deposit and Copper deposit nearby and limestone not too far away. I built the Hub because it appears the first person to log onto the server (or the admin? no idea) gets the Hub parts to build, so I built it.

I dropped off a few portable mining robots and Will got busy building another crafting station. I built an Engineer’s Workshop and we started getting somewhere. Perhaps it created a faulty server build the first time? Hmm.

This time we started with Xeno Zappers, so that’s good. I started exploring the area and collecting parts and alien tech and power slugs. I got chased by a fire-breathing dragon thing and it hit me then I clipped under the world again. So I lost whatever I had since I had to RESPAWN. It was getting late so I left Will to it.

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Satisfactory – first thoughts

This week I decided to take a break from Valheim – my current number one game to play and fired up a server on my Ubuntu box for Satisfactory using CubeCoders AMP.

Both games are published by Coffee Stain. They seem to have all the great Early Access games at the moment 🙂

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Adventures in Valheim

A few weeks ago I set up a new Linux server at home with my Cubecoders AMP server management console. Just because I can do things from the console it doesn’t mean I want to!

I have been using AMP since it was called MCMyAdmin for managing my Minecraft servers, but they also support a ton of other game servers. I’d heard a friend Shallan50k had been playing Valheim and enjoyed it. I’ve also heard people talk about Satisfactory. I decided to set up servers for those and also Terraria. So far, tho, we’ve only played Valheim as it’s so much fun!

We started out in our island and have died so many times 😀 haha! The first thing Will did was to find a place to live. He found a little abandoned hut and moved in and built the Workbench and added some chests outside for storage, along with beds inside for us.

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Duty, Honor, Country

This is the quest I did today in Final Fantasy XIV. I’m level 16 but it’s a level 18 sync quest and took me about 6 goes to get it completed. I ended up finding a video online to help me out.