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Amiga 500 stuff

A couple of months ago a friend of mine gave me his two Amiga 500 computers which he wasn’t using. That was a real treat for me as I’ve never had an Amiga of my own. I was deciding between an Amiga 600 and an Amiga 2000 then everything suddenly went IBM and so did I.

The Amigas were a little worse for wear…

Two dirty old Amiga 500s
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FREEZE64 presents Toxic Frenzy!

Vinny has let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. The Commodore 64 game I was developing is called Toxic Frenzy! It’s based on a Game and Watch game called “Oil Panic“. In this one, however, it’s toxic waste liquid you’re catching in a bucket. Drop it into the barrel carried by the man below and don’t spill it on the customers waiting outside.

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Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer

A new distraction suddenly appears and WauloK takes it onto his load of “Stuff to do” along with developing Foxglovz and a game or two. 😀
I have so many game ideas in my head I’d love to port or create new on the VZ200 platform that I’m wearing myself thin on all my projects! Oh yes! I’m also still trying to port ZX 1bit audio engines to VZ. I’ve been getting some help for information from the guys at RandomFlux and will keep trying now and then when I have time.

Pacman written in MPAGD on VZ200 emulator

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There’s a fun challenge on Twitter at the moment with the hashtag #8bit snow. They want people to make little demos on their 8bit computer for Christmas and post it to Twitter with this hashtag. I whipped up something quickly in Z88dk today.

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In 2000 I programmed a clone of Arkanoid for the VZ200/300 computers called Arkaball. This was done with the help of the Z88DK devkit which lets you code in C for Z80 microcomputers.
Since then Z88DK has moved ahead in leaps and bounds and is even better than before.
I wanted to be able to easily create fonts and display them on the VZ screens. I saw the Flappybird clone for VZ used monochrome sprites and with some research discovered these are supported by Z88DK.

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