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Pipes for VZ200 & VZ300

During the last two weeks there’s been a Retro Game Jam on
The aim was to make a game for a retro platform. No limits or themes.
So I decided to write a VZ200 game using the Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer I helped port to the VZ200 some time ago.

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VZ Front End

Now that Guy has released a new version of VZEm emulator for VZ200 and VZ300 computers with a commandline switch to Auto-launch a game, I figured it’d be cool to have a launcher application which shows screenshots of VZ games and lists the files. Then you just click the file you want and the go button and the game launches! How cool!

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Cassette 50 competition

There’s a Cassette 50 charity competition for the Commodore 64 computer at the moment. Games are based on the original ‘cassette 50’ idea where you got 50 games but they were very small and not very good quality. They went for quantity instead!

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FREEZE64 presents Toxic Frenzy!

Vinny has let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. The Commodore 64 game I was developing is called Toxic Frenzy! It’s based on a Game and Watch game called “Oil Panic“. In this one, however, it’s toxic waste liquid you’re catching in a bucket. Drop it into the barrel carried by the man below and don’t spill it on the customers waiting outside.

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“Toxic Frenzy” game diary

This is a mini diary of learning 6502 Assembler programming for Commodore 64. It’s actually been a couple of weeks since I started this so will only have some short summaries I can remember and what I can gather from the Commit history of my code to Github.

The Github repository for my game was created on September 19, 2020. But the first commit with any meat was on:
September 22, 2020
Commit comments : “Added libs, charset, sprites and koala image”.
The ‘libs’ used are the ones by Derek Morris. He created them while writing his book and has provided them to the community. I actually copied them from Mike Richmond’s Vegetables Deluxe code he shared with me. I later found out he had commented out code in the libs he didn’t use. I had to un-comment them once I found they were not working 😀

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