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C64 Assembler Development

In case anyone actually reads this blog, I’ll pop in an update here.

I released a game for Spectrum computers back about March/April this year but still have an itch to create something new. I looked at C=64 Assembler, watched a few YouTube videos and thought “Screw that for a joke!”. So, I looked at Gameboy dev.
I saw it seemed quite good and not too complicated if I used C. I *can* do Z80 Assembler but that doesn’t mean I want to, necessarily 😉 haha!
Well, I decided I might port my old game “Quirl” I wrote back in the 2000s to Gameboy and Gameboy Colour — since you can code for one and it can work for both. I designed all the graphics and downloaded sprite and tile editors and the like. I also took a look at the Gameboy Studio application which really only lets you create rpg style games like the early Link ones. I was well on my way. I even bought a RG350M retro gaming device to play some games and also try out my own game:

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Add Vortex Tracker to MPAGD

I’ve recently completed my Spectrum game and wanted to add music to it. A cool guy I met on Twitter by the name of Mike Richmond kindly wrote a wonderful tune for my game using Vortex Tracker. Unfortunately, it’s been quite the headache to get this working with my MPAGD game. But, I’ve finally done it!

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Corey Coolbrew!

I’ve been busy working with the MPAGD – Multi-platform Arcade Game Designer.

It turns out there was not much interest in a new VZ200 game so I’ve pivoted my game to the Spectrum! (Why not Commodore 64? Well, MPAGD is not available for C=64. The developers asked and nobody at all was interested).

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C64 Dev with Sublime Text

I decided to set up my desktop computer with Sublime Text + VICE + KickAssembler + Debugger for Commodore 64 development.

All of the instructions online say to set it up in C:\C64\Tools but I have a Dev drive and folder I like to keep my stuff set up in so had to wrangle settings around until I got it to work. Not a lot of the settings are easy to figure out. Here’s the layout of my Dev drive for C64:

You need to set up PATH and CLASSPATH environment variables but it’s not really clear how to do this. Here’s a screenshot of mine:

You must have the .jar file in the classpath!

The PATH environment variable just needs the location of VICE:

Next, you need to set up the Kick Assembler Preferences. By default it has the “kickass_debug_path” set to “x64” but this file does not exist in VICE. It’s actually “x64sc” (there are others but this is the recommended one). So my settings are:

"kickass_debug_path": "C64Debugger",
"kickass_run_path": "x64sc",

The C64Debugger is installed in the VICE folder.
There are some good instructions on the GoatPower website.
Below is a handy YouTube video I found and then was also recommended:

Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer

A new distraction suddenly appears and WauloK takes it onto his load of “Stuff to do” along with developing Foxglovz and a game or two. 😀
I have so many game ideas in my head I’d love to port or create new on the VZ200 platform that I’m wearing myself thin on all my projects! Oh yes! I’m also still trying to port ZX 1bit audio engines to VZ. I’ve been getting some help for information from the guys at RandomFlux and will keep trying now and then when I have time.

Pacman written in MPAGD on VZ200 emulator

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