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The Nth Doctor Adventures – 2.6 – The English Musketeer

An Audio Play in which I play the English Musketeer.

The Doctor steals Alice away from her date to investigate a mysterious energy signal coming from Renaissance France. Here they meet an unusual Musketeer with an extraordinary secret.
Written by Harry Hayfield

The Nth Doctor Adventures

I’ve played a few characters in the Doctor Who fan-fiction series “The Nth Doctor Adventures”.

The Nth Doctor Adventures: Ep.4 “The Legend of Arne Saknussemm”

Doctor Who: The Nth Doctor Episode 3

The Nth Doctor Adventures: Episode 3 – “They Are Returning”

In this episode, I play three Scottish characters from the same family.

Doctor Who: The Nth Doctor

Episode 1: Heading to Oblivion

I have a role in this audio production of a fan-written Doctor Who show.  Also, a small role as the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston.